• Keep Fit Reduce Fat Capsules

Keep Fit Reduce Fat Capsules

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Well Herb Keep Fit Reduce Capsules 24 capsules per box Ingredients: Nelumbium Speciosum Leaf, Poria Cocos Mushroom, Dioscorea opposite root & rhiz, Crataegus Pinnatifida Fruit. Description: These capsules were discovered by renowned researchers, is extracted, concentrated and refined from precious Chinese herbs such as Lotus leaves and Poria cocos fungus, which is sugar free and prepared entirely with all natural mild Traditional Chinese Medicine. May assist in fat burning through fat oxidation in the liver, thereby evacuate accumulated fat deposits by the production of heat to burn calories efficiently giving the body vital energy. Normalize the size of fat cells. May help stimulate blood circulation, balance metabolism and enable one to be sturdy. Do not take when menstruating .Stop then start taking again. Price: $16.50

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